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 InsomniaDekaron Rules.Must Read!

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PostSubject: InsomniaDekaron Rules.Must Read!   InsomniaDekaron Rules.Must Read! Icon_minitimeFri Apr 23, 2010 5:02 pm

InsomniaDekaron Rules:

Please read this agreement carefully before using our service.

By using the InsomniaDekaron service will mean that you agree to these rules. If you do not agree to them, please do not use our service. To use our service, you must register and create a valid account. Keep your password secret and do not reveal it to anyone. We will never ask for your password.

You are fully responsible for all activities conducted through your account and under your Account ID.

1. Discrimination warnings

You may not discriminate or threaten other players, nor use any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene (including common swear words), hateful, racially or ethnically offensive expressions or statements. This applies to any language.
Permanent ban.

2. Hacks and bugs exploits

You are not allowed to use software or game bugs to cheat in InsomniaDekaron with the exception of tele hack. If you find a bug or a game weakness that can be exploited to cheat, you should send a private post to a Game Master or Forums Moderator.If you hack, we bann all accounts of you. We give you a 2nd chance while creating a new char. If you hack again, we BOS(Ban On Sight) you.
Also benefiting from a hack, including partying a hacker is against the rule, and is punishable with permanent ban.

3. Harassment

Harassment can be defined as damaging the other players experience voluntarily. Players doing this generally have the sole purpose of "annoying" other players and direct all their efforts to this end.
3~7 days ban.

4. Buying items with real money

You are permitted to sell coin items, vendor items, characters or in-game currency to other players or unauthorized sources out of game.

5. Scamming

It is very difficult to verify scams. Therefore, the only action an Elite Dekaron Staff member will do if scam is verified and has enough evidence, is to ban the scammer. No items will be returned to the scammed player.Permanent ban.

6. Accounts

The only and real owner of any InsomniaDekaron account is the owner of the mail registered when the Elite Dekaron account was inscribed in our Database. If a player's account was hacked, keylogged, scammed, etc, the only possible action to recover it is to use InsomniaDekaron's password recovery system. The system will send the password to the e-mail registered to the account. If no real mail was inscribed or the player has forgot the address, the account is lost forever.

7. Trading or selling accounts

The only and real owner of any InsomniaDekaron account is the owner of the mail registered when the InsomniaDekaron account was inscribed in our Database. Thus, trading or selling one's account for anything, may it be real money or something in-game, is forbidden due to the high risks of scamming.
Permanent ban.

8. Using a GM name or impersonating a Staff member

To choose a nick name in game alike any Game Master official name is not allowed. If during any Database search a character is found with a GM name, it will be deleted and the account banned without warning. Impersonating a GM or a Staff member ingame will be punished too.
Also joining a "GM Guild" and using the tag [GM] are forbidden and punishable.Permanent ban.

9. Innappropriate Language

Insults and offensive words are not allowed. This includes nicknames of characters.
3~7 days ban. Permanent ban if a character's nickname.

10. Advertising

Advertisement in any kind of way about other servers, scamming sites and keylogging sites are extremely prohibited. By breaking this rule will result in a hard punishment.
Permanent ban.

11. Respect the GM

As the authority of the game, and as the ones working exclusive for the players outside and inside the game community, the Game Masters deserve all the respect and good treatment you can offer to them, in same way, the Game Masters will respect you, and support you, as every player deserves.Player killing and questioning a GM will not be allowed. If players need to make a request, they must do it in a proper way.
Player disconnect or 2 weeks ban if the attitude persists.

12. Spamming/Spam-Insults

Spamming and Spam-insults are forbidden. And if you ignore a GM's warning, you will be disconnected. If you dont stop spamming, you will be banned. No need to warn Spammer.
Player disconnected or 1~2 weeks ban if the attitude persists. Continous Spamming (if he got already banned 1 week) brings 1 month ban.

13.Tele Hack

We only allow tele hack.We have chosen this specific hack because sometimes people can't get around fast enough so we teleport. Very Happy enjoy

14. Help Us to clean the server!

We have a special section for the user to denounce in-game abuses. It's a private section where you can post and view only your own thread with total confidentiality.

We reserve the right to change these rules.
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InsomniaDekaron Rules.Must Read!
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